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WinPlot – Very Handy Software for Graphing Functions

I needed to make some plots of parametric equations and found a very capable and handy free tool: Winplot. Here is Wikipedia article about it: and the official website. It has a wide variety of graphs that it can plot including graphs based on differential equations and graphs using polar coordinates. Very handy if you just want to graph something without having to learn a massive software system. Here are some very helpful videos to get you going. About 10 minutes of viewing is enough to begin using it on your own.

UMaine’s COS 125 Game Exhibition on TV

Yesterday, my COS 125 Introductory Programming Class had a very successful Game Exhibition. We received TV time from two stations. You can view:


to see the event.

Markowsky Quoted in BloombergBusinessweek

Tom DeMark’s Numerology Lures Investors; ‘Wielding Thor’s Hammer’ – Businessweek.


“There’s a golden ratio mania, and most of it isn’t based on any kind of fact,” says George Markowsky, a computer science professor at the University of Maine, who holds a Ph.D. in mathematics. Markowsky wrote a paper in 1992 rejecting most of the claims of the golden mean believers.

“It’s amazing to me that adults take this stuff seriously,” he says.