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On-Campus Job: Virtual Environments and Multimodal Interaction Lab (VEMI Lab)

Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 08:56:05 -0400
From: Richard R. Corey

Programmers and 3D Modelers Needed

The primary responsibility for this position involves writing code for experimental design and development of multimodal virtual reality or augmented reality environments to support lab-related research. If you are familiar with coding and willing to learn, this would be the job for you. Another part of this position involves the creation of new and innovative interactive 3D worlds.Experience with Photoshop and Modeling Programs (e.g. Unity, 3D Max, Blender,Maya, etc) is a plus. You need not know all the technical details to be a good candidate as long as you love programming and are intrigued by learning new and creative ways of code development and implementation; you can learn the specifics once in the lab. You may also be directly involved in the design and development of new multimodal interfaces, spatial displays for mobile contexts,and exciting demos which showcase the possibilities of our technology. This position is well suited for somebody who wants to get programming experience, learn about virtual and augmented reality technology, or is interested in graduate work or a career in the fields of human-computer interaction, human factors engineering, 3D animation, game development, or multidimensional data visualization.

Other Requirements:Candidates for this position must be highly responsible, willing to take initiative, able to work independently as well as on a team, have excellent problem solving abilities, good organizational skills, and be extremely detail oriented. Strong oral and written communication is important and the ability to complete and deliver projects according to an agreed upon schedule is critical.

Interested UMaine students please email a Resume & letter of interest.

Richard Corey
Director of Operations
University of Maine