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Maine Learning Technology Initiative Presentation | Dr. George Markowsky

MLTI | Dr. George Markowsky.


Here are some links to go with the May 16, 2013 MLTI presentation entitled Under the Hood.

 Under the Hood: The Terminal Application and Game Design Using Python (v2.0)

Location: Neville 100
George Markowsky (School of Computing & Information Science, UMaine)
 Are you interested in unleashing the full power of your computer? Then you need to know about the Terminal Application and some of the goodies that it provides access to. One of these goodies is the programming language Python which is a commercial grade programming language used widely in applications. It is also named after Monty Python’s Flying Circus. We will show how to use Python to create a simple game using incremental development. The knowledge you will gain from this session can help you get the most from your computer. (Repeat of popular session offered last year)


Windows 7/8 Game Jam Part 1 – No Coding Required – Prizes and Food – UMaine 3/26 3:30 PM

win8bluewebWhen: Tuesday, March 26, 2013, 3:30pm-6:00pm

Where: Room 100 Neville Hall

Food provided for those registered

Registration is FREE and online at:

Hosted by Prof. George Markowsky

Come learn how build Windows 8 games (no code required).

Join us for an in-depth look at building Windows 8 games using the Scirra Construct 2 game maker.

This is a Windows 7/8 hands-on session

Bring your laptop to join in the fun.

Individuals or teams that complete an app or game will also get prizes and there will be raffles for the rest of the swag!

Be sure to sign up for Part 2!

Also learn about the Windows 8 App Madness Challenge.

$100 gift card for every app that gets

published to the Windows Store and

your chance to win a Trip of a Lifetime!