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National Day of Civic Hacking: Bangor Maine Participation (Sat. 5/31- Sun. 6/1)



Here is your chance to put your computing skills to civic use. For more information about this event which will be held in 120 cities worldwide see

Here are the details for Bangor Maine.

Maine Civic Hack Day

Maine Civic Hack Day is a hackathon in Bangor, Maine focused on solving community problems as part of a National effort called the “National Day of Civic Hacking” These problems, or challenges, can take a wide array of forms.  During the event we will work to provide a prototype solution to the problem. The event is focused on these goals:
1. Building prototype solutions to real problems
2. Forming new connections between our community members
3. Demonstrating interesting approaches to solving problems
4. Inspiring new initiatives and collaborations

Please check out and register for the event at the website:


More Maine Civic Hack Day Info



Brief Update on Maine National Guard Arctic Leadership Symposium

Here is a brief article and video about the Arctic Leadership Symposium. I hope to post more material from this very interesting symposium in the near future. For now you can get some idea of what took place.