Job Available at the Bangor Daily News in Maine

BDN Maine seeks a PHP developer who will reinvent how the company thinks about and runs its systems and help maintain the highest-traffic news site in Maine. He/she will develop and maintain internal, back-end and customer-facing tools that support BDN products & services.

A qualified candidate would have the following skills:

*General PHP*

– Basic: Scrape and parse any type of input into structured data.
– Better: Examine undocumented code/APIs, identifying patterns in
structure, naming conventions, etc., to unlock hidden features.


– Basic: Develop and modify plugins. Explore the WordPress API.
– Better: Understand how code impacts performance on a large-scale site
and how to leverage all types of caching.
– Best: Enhance core functionality.


– Basic: Set up new users/forms/file shares/etc. in pretty much any
– Better: Proficient in managing both Linux and Windows servers, has an
eye for architecture.
– Best: Track networking problems, set up new hard drive arrays,
directories, print, DNS and DHCP servers, preferably in the cloud.

The BDN is dedicated to rethinking how “legacy” media operate. If you enjoy
working on multiple projects with different focuses in quick succession
you’ll enjoy working here. We want people who understand how to build tools
people will use and who are interested in changing user habits for the

R&I is a new department that operates as a startup inside the BDN
responsible for product development, technology and leading the company in
making data- and research-based decisions.

We like to move aggressively and quickly at the BDN. We avoid bureaucracy
and encourage transparency. We open source things when we can (read: when
we’re not too embarrassed). The BDN is family-owned (no corporate
overlords). It’s big enough to have resources and impact but not so huge
you can’t ever get anything done.

Send questions or resumes (with code samples) to:

William P. Davis
Director of Research & Innovation
207-990-8250 (o)
207-660-5342 (m)

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