Verification-driven Design Based on Natural Language Processing

Wednesday, May 29, 2013, 3 PM, Room 336 Boardman Hall

University of Maine

School of Computing and Information Science Seminar

Formal Specification Level — Towards Verification-driven Design Based
on Natural Language Processing

Oliver Keszocze
Research Associate
University of Bremen


Hardware as well as software is becoming more complex every day. Huge
specifications, given in natural language, have to be read, understood,
and transformed into a system. This is a manual and error-prone process:
The resulting system might not be consistent with the  specification.
This may be, for example, due to the developer misunderstanding the
specification. To tackle this  problem, we introduce the Formal
Specification Level (FSL). We show how to (semi)-automatically derive a
formal specification from specification using natural language
processing (NLP) techniques; theoretically explaining the algorithms as
well as in practice by introducing our NLP IDE “lips”.
We further show how the formal model can be used to verify the
correctness of the system before starting
to assemble it.